Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Caleb's TV

 This is Caleb's TV.  He is always full of ideas!  The tinker toys are in the shape of a box and he hangs all of his "DVD's" and "CD's" on the hangers on the side of the TV.  This TV also has remote controls...see below!
 This is the music controller.  It has Christian, Christian Rock, Rock, Mozart, Country and Calm music stations.
 These are some of the DVD's...Incredibles, and Cat in the Hat.

 This is his X-box controller.
 And his DVD controller.
 Notice the green part in the back...that is the cord that plugs into the wall!
 This is his TV remote...it controls Netflix, too and has the alphabet on it!
 My little creative guy!


Aditi singh said...

So cute....

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