Friday, August 05, 2011

Cole Sandwich

Sometimes around our house we just get SO hungry and it seems that the only thing that cures that hunger is a Cole Sandwich.  First you start with the bun (one of our big pillows from our couch) then you put a Cole on the sandwich.  We typically like to use the bigger Cole on the bottom, gives the sandwich more stability.  Then you slather the mustard on (our yellow pillow from our couch) and then you add the second Cole.  This Cole is slightly more wiggly and the bottom Cole but once we smother her in ketchup (our red throw), this Cole tends to calm down.  Then we add the pickles (more pillows from the couch) and then we top the sandwich the top bun (the last of our big pillows) and there you have it!  A Cole Sandwich!  So Yummy!

 And here is the biggest Cole chowing down on the sandwich!
 Take a lot of effort to eat burns calories during consumption!
I'm willing to share if anyone wants a Cole Sandwich!