Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Caleb and Grandma (my mom) we love you SO much!

What a great thing to mom said that when Caleb was born that he could take all her birthdays now and she wouldn't turn a year older! Here's to another year that Caleb gives back to Grandma!

Here are some precious things that Caleb is doing these days:

~He will look at me and say "Mommy I love you, you sure are pretty"
~He knows sign language now since we are teaching Ariel how to sign and he uses it constantly
~He has been potty trained completely for almost a year and can wash his hands and go to the bathroom all by himself now!
~He says the most wonderful prayers "Thank you God for..." and whatever comes to mind...usually the things that we had done that day and the people we had seen.
~He loves Chance and has learned to feed him all by himself...this is chore of some sorts
~He can draw rectangles and triangles. His favorite are smiley faces though.
~He knows all of his alphabet and all of his numbers through 20 although he tends to skip a few here and there.
~He loves to be with Daddy and wants to be in every activity that he is doing.
~He loves it when Ariel fists wakes up from a nap...he says "She's awake!" and sometimes claps for her.
~He still loves fruit...anything fruit he will eat. As far as other food goes, he is still mighty picky but has gotten better since I have started making him eat what we eat at night.
~He still sleeps with Lambie, Kitty and his blanket every night.
~He has two imaginary friends...Handy Manny from Disney Channel and Alan (whom is a friend of ours from our connection group). He will walk around the house and pretend he is talking to them on the phone and then walk to the front door and knock and say "Come in Alan (or Handy Manny) let me show you my room".
~Granny is still his favorite (sorry Grandma!) she even comes before me at times!
~He insists that Aunt Amy bring him a gift every time that she comes...spoiled a little?
~He can call the cows..."Whooohooo, come on cows"
~He can ride a bike with training wheels fairly well by himself
~He still wears a size 12 month shorts
~He doesn't care to take long baths much anymore...he prefers showers or stand up rinse off baths
~He loves to have clean sheets and likes to smell them when they come out of the dryer
~He begs to play games on the computer and then throws a fit when he has to get off
~Has to do everything by himself...thank God for slip on sandals!
~He likes to wear Daddy's cologne and deoderant and at night before bed he has to use mouthwash...oh and he made up a sign language sign for mouthwash as well!

I am sure that I could go on forever since he does so much but this will at least give you an idea!