Sunday, May 09, 2010

What it takes to make the goal...

The Coach goofing around with his daughter before the game..."Hey coach...quit goofing around and teach those boys to kick!"

A handsome boy gettin' ready for the game.
Now the team-mates are goofing around...See what that coach taught those boys! :)
Now here is a boy who is FINALLY getting ready to make some goals!
COME ON ORANGE...push that ball!!
Gotta hold that tounge JUST right!
Serious boy...
Of course you have to have something to keep the younger ones on the sidelines occupied!
High fives to the other team...Good game kids!
Last game of the season...what a great team!
Can't end the game without Cheetos and Capri Sun...hey at least the cheese won't show up on his jersey!
The most handsome player on the orange team!
The kids and coach Dan with their medals.
He was so proud of his medal!
GREAT job Caleb...way to make the goal!