Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Caleb

Caleb's personality is a lot like mine.  He is VERY particular in the way things are placed in his room and his room is ALWAYS clean and his bed usually ALWAYS made.  I think I created a monster!  This is his desk in his room.  He has all of his favorite things on it and knows if something has been misplaced. 

Always has his bible front and center.
 He has all of his Flat Stanley books in a row. 
 And in this picture you can see that he has his Dr. Suess books standing on edge to the left, his laptop with all of his jewels in front of it and his "cash money" register as well.  I think the yellow pot on the far right was something his sister added.  And the sticky notes are radio station preset cards.
I love my very particular boy!