Thursday, March 31, 2011

Cole Family Farm House in Bruno

I posted previously here about the Farm House that was being built on the Family Farm...go take a look and see the before and then look below to see the after!  What an amazing structure that was built!  Such a joy to have a retreat to go to! 

Some scenery pics.

We stayed at the Farm House on Thursday night of the kid's spring break trip and Dan's sister gave the kids early Easter gifts.  Ariel gor a fishing rod and Caleb got a realy tool set.

Thanks Aunt Amy for the awesome gifts!

Uncle Clint helping Caleb cut wood with is new saw.

Ariel and I

Ariel and Aunt Amy
What a great time we had!


Anonymous said...

A great house! Is simply wonderful! So much beautiful ideas in your home to me. Your house appear to be warm but hi-tech. Many greetings from italy. Dr. Luca Rossi - Gambolò (Pavia) - Italy.