Saturday, October 27, 2007

Right Choices Corn Maze

We went to Southwest City, Missouri tonight with a couple from our connection group. They have a Corn Maze and Hayride there that is absolutly the best that I have seen! We all had a blast!

The Family on the Hayride

Caleb climbing on the hay bales
Full View of the Corn Maze
Caleb and Allison

Caleb scoping out the right way to go looking over the corn maze
Caleb and Allison taking a hug break
Caleb telling us which way to go in the corn maze
Caleb going down the slide
And another slide!
My Family!
Keeping her head warm!

Trying to get buckled into the cow train
Ariel and I...ready to go!
Here we go!
Going down the slide again!


Becca said...

We love it here too, although we didn't do the maze this year.