Thursday, January 03, 2008

Introducing Charlie Du Bo!

On Monday I did a huge spur of the moment thing that I don't normally do. The kids and I went to Chick-fil-a in Rogers to get some lunch after doing a little shopping and as I was sitting in the car stuffing my face with my last bite of french fries and chicken nuggets (since I am REALLY watching what I eat now and I am back at the gym 3-4 days a week...with every other person who is trying to get off on the right foot after eating so much over the holidays!) I looked over and had this BRILLIANT idea to go to Petco with the kids. I thought that they would both enjoy it since they both LOVE animals. So we go in there with the intention of "just looking" and I realized that I had a 1 gallon fish tank that was sitting in the top of Caleb's closet just collecting dust and taking up space so I asked Caleb if he would like to have a fish to take home and take care of. He got so excited and started jumping up and down! I let him pick his own fish that he wanted which he was thrilled about and then he carried the bag to the front to pay for it.

I was talking to him on the way there and I asked him what he wanted to name his fish. For some reason here lately when I ask him what the name of something is or if I ask him what he is cooking for me when he is pretending, he makes up random things. For instance, he named his bear at Build a Bear, Colley, and his horse that he rides on he calls Pee Pee....yes that is the name of the horse! Today he was making me "Foggy Woggy Dod" in a saucepan for lunch...YUMMY! Anyway, he of course picked out another random name and I started naming off names like, Gill, Gully, Oscar, and Charlie and he said no to all of them but Charlie. He said "I like Charlie but I like Charlie Du Bo better!" So Charlie Du Bo it is! Welcome Charlie...I hope you live a long life...well at least past the 14 day introduction phase that Petco provides for a full refund if something were to happen to you!