Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Trip to Granny's/ Grandad's Birthday

I am a little behind but I guess it's better to post late than not post at all. Two weekends ago, Caleb went and stayed at Granny's house and last Monday Dan, Ariel and I went to pick him up. We spent the whole day just relaxing with Granny and the family. We went to Dan's sister's house and she had baby chicks there. The kids were able to pet them and try to chase them with their hands in the cage. Ariel loved looking at them! That evening we went out to eat to celebrate Dan's Dad's birthday. He turned 54 on tax day. He was really touched to have all of his family with him for his birthday.

Caleb showing Ariel the chicks.

Look Mama...cheep cheep!!

I tried so hard to get her to sniff these tulips for a picture but she would get like 6 inches away from them and then go "mmmm" and then walk away a second later. This is the best shot I got!

All their cheeks were puffed except for Ariel's...great picture!