Friday, August 01, 2008

Back to it...

I have been terrible about blogging so I will be trying to post daily now....

I ran errands all morning. We went to Teresa Jones' house to drop off her announcements, Office Depot to get hardware for our new filing cabinet, Dollar General to get miscellaneous items, such as undershirts for Caleb and PANTIES for Ariel...yep we will be trying to potty train soon! We also went to Wal-Mart to get a few food items for the weekend.

Caleb starts 4 year old pre-school next Tuesday and we need to get his school supplies and he is SOOOO excited. We went and met his teacher ( Ms. Melanie) Wednesday night, he automatically took his shoes off and said "come back later and get me mommy" it was too cute. He will have NO problem with the seperation from me, he is a social little boy. I am looking forward to having one on one time with Ariel. I need to focus on potty training and the ABC's with her.

I had a purge fest yesterday. I am participating in a large children's consignment (Rhea Lana's)sale in September to sell all the kids clothing that they have outgrown. I have 3 huge containers full of clothes to sell and I am donating a garbage bag full to Salvation Army. Then when the kids napped yesterday I went through my closet and purged two garbage bags full to donate as well. I got rid of stuff that I hadn't worn in a year or that was completely faded or out of style, figured there was no reason to keep it around. I have really been watching what I eat again and my goal is to be back to pre-pregnancy weight by my birthday (October 4) so that I can get some new clothes for the fall. I have lost 5 pounds since I have been hom from Dallas...about 8 more to go...or 10 would be nice too :)!

I am having coffee with a bunch of girlfriends from our connection group tonight. We have met every two weeks to do a book study this summer. We are reading the book Captivating, it is such a good book. It's good to get out of the house and be alone with some good friends.

I will post some pictures in a bit since I have fallen behind again. I need to go make the kids some lunch since we have been out of the house all morning long!