Friday, August 01, 2008

GENESIS by Caleb Cole

Caleb loves to read to Dan and I now and this is him reading Genesis out of his bible!
Here is dialogue for you if you need it!

Adam and Eve
And then a bird came on his finger and a chipmunk came on his toe...not sure what he says...Eve gave him some beautiful flowers. They were in a fruit garden. (Ariel says cheese!) And they were saying "hey lets take a bite of the apple" and the snake said "hello do you want any apple?" "Oh yes, why don't you give us some." They were hiding in the garden....Ariel distracting...and the angel said, "it's time to get out of the garden."

Noah's YARK!
Noah was building a very big ship. And all of the animals out of the zoo, and all of the animals were in the boat and all of the people were in the boat. And they landed on a beautiful hill and Jesus said "Do you promise to be good to Jesus?" And he promised him he will be nice and then Jesus gave him a big big Rainbow, and they landed on a hill and the water was sh-r-ink-ing but a dove flyed by.

Tower of Babel
And the man with the red shirt wanted to build a little tower. But the king wanted to build a big, yar-d! And that man saw a big big tower.