Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you are interested...

I would be happy to help out my blogger readers with a small face lift for their blog site. Basically, I would create an image that would match one of the already pre-made blog sites such as:


...the backgrounds can be from other sites as well, I just don't know of that many!

I would charge $15 for one image. It could have up to three pictures on it and whatever colors and or designs you want. I will not be able to makeover the entire blogger site due to the fact that I am not savvy in html codes and such. All it will be is an image that you can put in your "header" spot on your blog instead of a picture. If this is something that you would be intersted in you can email me at thepeekabooimage@gmail.com or simply leave a comment below!


Kelsy Vannaman said...

OH ME! OH ME! I'm in desperate need of a face lift! Let me know when your ready and I'll send ya a picture!

amywelborn said...

Oh, I might be interested....can you think of catchy titles too? I'm stuck and have such a boring one!