Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bargains and an Earthquake

As I was trying on clothes this morning I came across a problem that I haven't had to face in a VERY long time.  All my clothes are TOO BIG!!!  Not only are they too big but the style of them just doesn't cut it for me when I am not trying to cover up bulges anymore!  Then, I came across another problem...I didn't have a ton of money to spend on getting new clothes.  I decided to go to Goodwill today to see what I could find and man o man I found some good deals!

I started in the little girls section and had NO LUCK there.  Then I went to the boys section and found a hooded Razorbacks sweatshirt, a navy blue and yellow jacket from Land's End and a perfect pair of jeans from JC Penny in a size 6 slim...PERFECT (his size 5's are getting a little too short in the length!)

So here are the bargains that I got for myself...
Two pairs of capri's:  the black pair are SUPER cute from Ann Taylor and the others are from NY&Co.  The olive pair has some oil stains on them but I know just the thing to get them out.  FYI...use lighter fluid to get oil stains out...spray a stream of lighter fluid on the stain and then wash immediately and the stain will disappear.

Then I got all these cute tops and another pair of shorts.  The shirts are from NY&Co., Polo, Old Navy, Gap JC Penny (or Khol's) and Walmart.  The shorts are from Target. 

And I was also able to get Ariel two pairs of dress up shoes and a little purse that had sunglasses and a cell phone in it!

So, I guess you are probably wanting to know how much the grand total was, huh?  Well, it was $46.00...can you believe it??  I was shocked!

On another note.  We had a 2.5 earthquake here in NWA.  I didn't feel anything since I was on the road heading to Goodwill but Dan was home and he said that he felt it.  He said that it felt like someone slamming a door downstairs.  Pretty crazy!


Christie Huggins said...

Ariel looks so adorable with her sunglasses, shoes and cell phone!!! Little girls just make me giggle. They are just hilarious with all the little girly things they do. Way to go on the shopping!!! Wow!!! Cute stuff!!!