Saturday, April 03, 2010

Caleb's Field Trip to Peter Pan

For some reason blogger has added my pictures in reverse order and I can't get them to go in the correct order so just bear with me!  Caleb had a field trip to the Arend Arts Center at the Bentonville High School to see Peter Pan a few weeks ago.  All of the kindergarteners were dressed in matching green t-shirts.  My aunt Debbie and cousin Allison were in town visiting so we were all able to go see Peter Pan together.  I think Caleb felt honored to have his family with him!

This was Ariel's favorite part.  All the little dancing Tinkerbell's.  They were so cute.  Caleb like the pirates but my picture turned out really blurry for some reason. 
This is Caleb's class getting off of the bus. 
And here he is getting off the school bus.  He was so excited!


The Greenfield Family said...

Love all the new posts!!! Your kids are sooo cute!