Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Date with Caleb

The kids were back at school today and I was back at work. I had a newborn session today that lasted almost two and a half hours but it was worth it! We got some great shots!

Today I thought a lot about my boy and how much he has grown. I made this "first day of school collage" and I can't believe how much he has changed in just one year!

He and I had a date tonight! We compiled all his saved money and went to Walmart so he could purchase a new Lego set. He has been wanting to do this for a while! He is such a wonderful child to be around.

Taking all his change to coin star. He got $13! Plus all the dollar bills he saved.

Then it was off to the Lego aisle! We were there for a good 20 minutes until he found the perfect thing. He is very frugal and selective. Just like his mama and daddy! Guess we trained him well!

The final selection!

Then he chose to go to Wendy's for dinner. Not my first choice but that's what he wanted and it's a treat for us to eat fast food since we rarely eat it.

Caleb said this date was much needed and I couldn't have agreed more. Love him so much!

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