Monday, September 03, 2012

Labor Day

This morning I had a shoot Downtown in Rogers with an incredible blended family.

After the shoot, I came home and made a grocery list and cleaned my house while Dan ran some errands and the kids played with their friends next door.

I then ventured off I the store to get some much needed food. We were out of everything and our fridge was bare.

After my shopping trip, I unloaded groceries and then the kids played in the backyard with Laney and Arden on the slip in slide. It was right at 100 degrees today. They needed this water fun!

Ariel and I made some easy bake whoopie pies for dessert tonight! She is a wonderful baker and she even cleans up after herself!

Serving her daddy! Notice Dan's Mohawk here? Well he decided to get crazy last night and had me shave his hair this way. He is laying right beside me now and is Mohawk free! Thankful for a man out of the box!