Monday, December 03, 2007

The Tree is up and we are set for Christmas!

Since Caleb was sick last week he wasn't able to help much with putting the tree up. So he sat and watched me decorate because he didn't feel like getting off the couch for two days. We watched Shrek the Halls at least 4 times last week and Incredibles at least twice, not too mention the cartoons on TV in the mornings. Needless to say he was in need of some active time. Dan's mom offered to keep Caleb for a few days, so that is where he is now. It is such a blessing having her so close (2 hours) so that she can keep Caleb for me, it's great getting a break. So anyway back to the tree, I decided this year that since I have a one year old who likes to "touch" everything that I would put the tree up on a table. It actually worked rather well not only to keep little hands out of it and keep it from falling over but also since our ceilings are endlessly high, it lifts the tree up another 18 inches or so and gives it extra height so that it doesn't seem so small in the corner of our living room. I also put our fireplace screen in front of the tree and it works wonders as well. Here is a picture of our tree and also of Caleb in his "John Deer" antlers as he calls them (you can also kinda tell that he wasn't feeling that well that day!)!