Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Ariel's Birthday (and update on her leg!)

We actually celebrated some of her birthday yesterday because Dan is working tonight but she doesn't know the difference! Last night she helped me bake a cake and make her favorite meal which is spaghetti and meatballs. You can see the remnants of the cake batter on her face here. She devoured the spaghetti and then afterward we had the cake. We sang "Happy Birthday" to her and she had candles in the shape of a 2. She did really well at blowing them all out but she did have a little help from her brother!

After dinner and cake we opened one present from my Dad and step mom. They went to Alaska a few weeks ago and they were gracious enough to send some souvenirs from their trip along with a cute ski type vest for Ariel and a book. She called the vest a "jacky" (jacket) and loved having it on! She also had the choice between two stuffed animals that they sent, a seal that we named "Harp" because it is a Harp Seal, and a Moose named "Shaggy" because he has shaggy hair. She of course chose the seal and has slept with it (and all of her other gifts!) the past two nights. Thanks Daddy and Les for the wonderful gifts!This morning I let her open another gift since Dan was only going to be home for a short amount of time today. I let her open a doll set that I got her that has snap on clothes and accessories. She has played with that the most today. Then we took Caleb to school. He went on a pumpkin patch field trip today with his class and picked out a cute little pumpkin...he is sleeping with it tonight. You have heard of the story "The Princess and the Pea" well "The Prince and Pumpkin" lives in my house!

Ariel and I then went to church since I am involved in a bible study on Tuesday mornings. After that we had some time to kill since I didn't want to get back out once we got home to go to Ariel's orthopedic appointment, so we went to Chick-fil-a to eat lunch and then went to Lighting Emporium (my old job from 4 years ago) in Springdale to see my old work friends. Then we went to Dilly Dally's and I got her a sweet little Scotty dog and a carrying case to go with it. At that time it was about 1:00. We had her doctors appointment which by the way went wonderful! God is so awesome! She was healed enough to not need a cast and she is able to keep mobile on it as long as she isn't too vigorous. That was TERRIFIC news!

My mom (Grandma) came by around 4:45 this evening and Ariel was still napping. Dan went and got her up and we started opening gifts shortly after. You can see from her expressions below that she loved her gifts. My mom got her a Little Mommy Baby Knows doll from fisher price, Great-Grandmother got her the matching high chair/glider/swing that goes with it, Caleb got her a Mrs. Potato Head (with his own money I might add!) and she got a pack in play and a set of bottles from Dan and I.

She had a great day and I could tell that she felt special all day! Happy Second Birthday my sweet girl!