Saturday, October 04, 2008

My Birthday

I had a great day today. Since Dan was up until 1:00 delivering pizzas and didn't get in bed until a little after 2:00, I got up with Ariel at 6:45 this morning and then Caleb got up shortly after. I made apple cinnamon and banana muffins for breakfast and watched cartoons and played play-doh with the kids. Dan gave me a nice bundle of beautiful orange daisies and a sweet card. I received several phone calls from my mom, dad and Dan's mom and I even had one sweet friend call and sing to me on my voicemail!!

My friend Mandy offered to keep the kids for Dan and I so that we could go to lunch since he is working this evening (thanks again Mandy!!!). We went to Johnny Corino's and I got the Skilletini with alfredo sauce, a house salad, and a small piece of cheese cake. It was yummy! When we were finished eating, we went and picked up the kids. We brought Ariel (and Dan) home to take a nap, and then Caleb and I went shopping together.

I got over $100 to spend on clothes so I took my sweet boy with me since I don't get much alone time with him these days. He was such a good boy. He told me I looked beautiful and wished me Happy Birthday at least a dozen times...he knows already how win a woman's heart...WATCH OUT GIRLS!! I ended up getting two pairs of jeans and 7 nice shirts all for $106!! Not too bad considering this will get me through the whole winter season. I was in need of pants pretty bad. Since I am now almost in my pre-pregnancy size I was out of stylish jeans to wear. This time last year when I bought jeans I was 12 pounds heavier than I am now and two sizes larger. Makes shopping more fun when you are able to buy smaller jeans than what you did last year.

This evening I didn't do much. I cleaned the house a bit since we have group tomorrow evening. I took some clothes to a friend who in return gave me a WONDERFUL birthday present, I returned some movies to Redbox at Wal-Mart with my kids in their pj's, and I bought a Dr. Pepper while I was there...I get excited about DP here lately since I don't have them very often. I then came home and put the kids to bed, ate a bowl of cereal and I am about to watch some movies that I have recorded...Chicago and The Notebook. Dan should be home around midnight or later.

I had a great day. Thanks to all of you for making this day special!