Monday, October 27, 2008

Caleb's First Camping Trip

Dan and Caleb went on their first camping trip about a week ago. They went to the family farm in Bruno, Arkansas and stayed at Marvin's point, which is named after Dan's grandad who passed away before we got married. We dedicated a huge cross on his favorite part of the farm the summer after his passing and it has now become a great spot to camp!

Dan and Caleb had a wonderful time. Dan told me that Caleb kept saying "This is the best camping trip ever!". They actually slept in Dan's truck...otherwise known as the "Black Bomb" so that they wouldn't be sleeping on the cold floor. They had a campfire before bed and then the next morning they had eggs, bacon and pumkin cookies (that Caleb helped me bake) over the campfire. I am sure there will be many more camping trips for them in the future.