Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas at our house

Saturday morning we had Christmas at our house. My mom came over and brought the traditional breakfast casserol that we eat each Christmas. Aunt Amy was with us as well since she stayed the night with us after flying in from Florida. We had a great time opening gifts and spending some time together.

Sweet Girl!

Both kids tearing into their gifts

Batman Caleb...he wears this at least once a day!

Not sure what this face is about but I thought it was funny! Looks like she is giving attitude! You can see her Christmas PJ's here though. I try to get them ones that they can use through the spring so I don't get them anything "Christmasy".

Caleb and his antlers.


Amanda said...

haha yeah ok we need to get the boys together. Kaden had this batman out fit and use to wear it all the time. I have several pictures like this! Unfortunatly he "lost" the mask at a "friends" house and it has not been seen since. And! Kaden also got a scooter for Christmas, however santa didn't bring it. My smart little one does not believe in santa and asked us to stop lying to him this we did. Kind of takes some of the fun out of it for me but we had a good Christmas anyway.