Saturday, January 24, 2009

Update on Eating Right

I don't want to call this "a diet". I have tried not to call it "a diet" at all, simply because it is all about a lifestyle change. I really do enjoy restraining myself from self indulgent items such as cakes and brownies, even though I do miss them but it's the fact that I feel SO much better when I eat right! I have managed to go to the gym the past three weeks, three times a week, I have been doing pretty good about sticking to healthy meals (except for last week when I had Coldstone Creamery!) I have managed to lose 4 and a half pounds in two weeks (I have only been eating right for two weeks due to the fact that we didn't have the proper groceries in the house), and I have lost 2 and a half inches in my waist. I am to the weight now that I was last year when I plateaued and I couldn't get below that so I am praying that I will continue to lose!


Cat said...

It was fun having you and your two sweet kiddos over. I look forward to getting to you know all better!