Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Sweepers

Caleb and Ariel have been the biggest helpers here lately when it comes to cleaning the house. The other day when Caleb was at school I gave Ariel my little sweeper vac and she went to town, just sweeping every nook and cranny on the floor. This seriously kept her busy for 15 min or more! I have found that if I let her (and Caleb too) do a task that will take a while (ie. wash the windows, use a papertowel and scrub the tub, sweep the floors, sorting laundry) this keeps them from getting under my feet long enough to get another chore done and they aren't messing up things in the process. The past two weeks Caleb and Ariel have each made over $2.00 just for helping me clean the house. I know I need to take advantage of these moments while they are fun for them because some day, they won't want to do it at all!

These pictures below are from the same day, she just looked so cute. I don't see her often with her hair not in a bow or in what she calls "piggies".


Bridget said...

That is cool! Where did you get that sweeper? I was telling Jim I would like to have one so I don't have to drag the vacuum out all the time and I can use this daily.

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