Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Running and Such

Well I am in my second week of running and it is getting easier. I ran for a full mile and a half today, which like I said before is a big deal for me since I am NOT a runner. I just want to be able to run 3 miles without falling over! Ariel is doing great at potty training. She still has one accident a day but she has learned to go poop on the potty (sorry if TMI) and I am just THRILLED about that. She gets little treasures when she poops so that encourages her. We have been busy as usual with life. Preschool, Play Dates, grocery shopping, digital design, church...lots of church activites, Dan's multiple jobs (which are going really well right now and can't get enough done in a day so he is seeing his pillow at 2:00am quite frequently), and not to mention all the other things like housework and laundry. We are ready for spring and we are even contemplating a Florida trip this summer with the kids. I will tell more about that later. I need to catch up on some house work, so until next time!


Natalie said...

I was in need of a new blog to read! Thanks. I havent updated in a while but I have plenty I need to do. We sound like we do pretty much the same things...minus running. Ha. I NEED to do something but...ya know.

Adrienne said...

Hey! Glad you found me! I was looking at all your cute stuff and realized that you apparently know my husband's cousins the Caplenas. What a small world!

Unknown said...

I did running training a couple of years ago and learned to love running. There is something awesome about every week running more than you have ever run before! Keep it up! Sorry to say, I took a break from it.