Sunday, August 22, 2010

Future Architect?

I bought Caleb Lego's about a year ago and my mom bought the kids a big set of Tinker Toys for Christmas and they had very little interest in either one of them until the past few weeks.  Caleb spent a good portion of his last few days of summer building "Mummy Traps" ( side note...he called them bombs at first and he even had a computer that would detonate the bombs, but we both decided that "Mummy Traps" were a better option because they shot water and wouldn't kill anyone!...I didn't want him going to school telling the teacher he was building bombs and also had a computer to set them off with!) with Lego's and building towers with the Tinker Toys.  He has a spot in his closet where he still has them set up so he can play with them when he wants...I told him he had one more week to keep them there and then we would have to take them down to build something else...I guess it's another way to say "get those Lego's and Tinker Toy's off the floor before they get broken!"  I would like to think that Caleb would follow in his parents' footsteps and will have a desire for art and architecture.  Looks to me like his interest may be developing...and I love it!