Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Slumber Party

Caleb and Ariel enjoyed their first Slumber Party with their sweet friend Ainsley.  For dinner we had rice, chicken and broccoli...Ainsley's favorite...really!  For dessert we had yogurt with chocolate chips!

After dinner we played Bingo and Candy Land
Then the girls took a bath...no boys allowed!  SO, Caleb took a shower and then played obstacle course with me!
Getting the obstacle course ready...
and finding just the right aim!
Then I painted the girls toes...this was them watching a movie while their toes dried!
Caleb blowing on Ainsley's toes so they would dry faster!
The girls' toes!
Time to brush teeth!
I put them down at 8:00...they only fell asleep when I seperated Ariel and Ainsley at 11:00...they were so tired the next day!