Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Halloween weekend got off to a great start and then turned pukey towards the end!  Caleb dressed up as a Mighty Knight for school on Friday.  He had a Halloween party at school that day so I dressed Ariel up for the occasion as well! 

 Here she little cowgirl!

 We were able to watch Caleb walk in his class parade.  This is him with his friend Kerrigan.  She was dressed as a queen, this was not planned, but they looked so cute together! 
 This is Caleb giving everyone high five during the parade.
 Ariel's says "cowgirl"!  SO CUTE!!

 Caleb's class had tons of food to eat.  Lots of treats for the kids and they also played fun games. 

 I think he needs to brush his teeth!
 After school, Malea's mom came and picked her up early and then I took my kids to the Gobblin Parade in Rogers.  We went and saw my mom at her work since she works in downtown Rogers and she gave them a few treats as well!
 Caleb and the cow from Chick-fil-A....Ariel was a little shy!

 That night we carved pumpkins together and the watched Scared Shrekless.  Good family times!

Poor Ariel woke up at 1am on Saturday morning sick.  She threw up at least 8 or 9 times.  She was in bed all day but was able to keep things down after 7:30 that morning.  I prayed so hard for no one else to get it and so far so good.  It did kinda put a damper on our weekend but honestly, we don't get into this holiday a whole lot anyway so it was nice to stay home on Halloween Eve and rest!  Hope you all had a great Halloween!