Monday, August 06, 2007

Crazy Little Caterpillar

Two weeks ago, Caleb was on the back patio playing and he came in and said that there was a big green worm on the concrete and he wanted smoosh it. I went out to take a look at it and it was this really pudgy Caterpillar. I decided to go in and get a jar and told Caleb that we would keep it in the jar until that evening and then let it go. Well I got distracted and the Caterpillar ended up staying in the jar all night. The next morning I looked at him and there were strings of silk coming off of him and he was stuck to the side of the jar. I decided that he was probably trying to cocoon himself and thought it would be cool to watch. Well the next day he was already in his tight green cocoon with silk coming off of him. We watched everyday and on Sunday morning he was a huge black butterfly...Absolutely amazing! I have never seen a Caterpillar go trough metamorphosis before, I only wish that Caleb would have been old enough to really understand. They did have an episode on Wonderpets last week about a little caterpillar changing into a butterfly, still not sure if he understood! And yes we did let him go. It was before church yesterday morning and all he did was hang out on one of our patio chairs for a few hours and then he was gone!

This was the day after we found can kinda see the silk spinning off of him.

This is the third day that we had him after he had spun his cocoon.

This was two weeks later. Big and Beautiful.

Caleb looking at him.

This is his wing span.