Monday, August 06, 2007

For You PAPA (my daddy)

Caleb was playing with this little black dog the other day. It was actually my black dog when I was a little girl but it has a huge sentimental value to it so I have kept it all these years. When I was about Caleb's age my mom and dad got a dog from a pound called the "Dumb Friends League" in Denver and it was a black lab mix female and they named her Chesa. She was the greatest dog ever and my dad had trained her and loved her as one of his own. A few years later, I got this little black dog as a gift and my dad decided to put a red collar on it since Chesa always wore red collars and the tag that was actually on Chesa's collar when we got her from the pound. Chesa passed several years back and this is a little reminder to my daddy on how much Chesa meant to me!
By the way, he calls the little black dog Chesa now and sleeps with it every night!