Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Well at least one of us in the picture doesn't have a goofy face!
My family!
Sunday morning the kids got up and saw their easter baskets filled with goodies. I had hid most of the eggs all around the living room and kitchen so they were able to find them with help from Dan. We woke up a little later than I intended so we didn't get much leisure hang out time since we had to be at the church by 9:00. I quickly got in the shower and got the kids dressed and as we were heading out the door I said that I wanted to take some quick pictures of all of us. I guess I was the only one that was really wanting pictures because the kids didn't cooperate at all and Dan wasn't too thrilled with the idea. BUT since I had just had family pictures done by Allison on Saturday, I didn't complain too much. She was trying really hard to get this egg open!
I had easter grass all over my living room! I to just let my guard down and just let them play. It was so hard to not just pick up all the grass and put it away!
Dan and I had signed up to work in childcare during second hour at church so we went to first service. It was good to go to a service together. The past few weeks we have been doing Financial Peace University at our church so we have been rotating each week with one of us going to service during first hour and the other staying home with the kids. Then we would take the kids during second hour to church and then Dan and I would go to the class together. So it has been a few Sundays since we have an enjoyed a service together.
After church we went to Sonic for lunch...I know...not very eastery (and also something I haven't had since I have been doing Fit for a Lifetime)! But I had a meal planned for that evening and I did not feel like cooking. We ate lunch and then Dan and the kids took a nap. Ariel only slept for 45 minutes...she has been battling another ear infection so her sleep pattern is off a little. After everyone got up from their naps, I started dinner. I cooked fresh green beans and new potatoes, I made some biscuits, and I thawed a cured ham from the farm. It was all so delicious. Caleb even ate the potatoes which he never eats! We read the easter story to the kids after dinner and then put them to bed. It was a really relaxed day, something we really needed!