Sunday, March 23, 2008

Preparing for Easter

Yesteday (Saturday) morning, we had the wonderful privilage of getting our family pictures made with my favorite photographer and dear friend of mine Allison Rupp ( She is so amazing! I just love her work! You can definintly see her artistic side when she gets behind that camera and she is so good with the kids and getting shots of them being natural! Thanks Allison for making this such a wonderful experience!

Then after we took photos, we came home and put Ariel down for a much needed early nap and I cleaned the house while Caleb and Dan went outside to work on the fence. Ariel took such a great nap! She slept for nearly 3 hours (unlike today where she only napped for 45!) After both kids took their naps, we dyed easter eggs. Instead of the traditional vinegar easter egg dye, I got this speckled egg set that you actually paint on the eggs. Caleb had fun painting the eggs but little to my knowlege, the egg dye actually dyes our fingers as well. Caleb and I both had colorful hands after we were done.

Ariel sat in her high chair and watched while she played with her hair (such a girl!) and the plastic easter eggs that I gave her. Ariel loved carrying around all of her eggs. She would sit and take all of them out and then put them all back in...she did this for nearly 30 minutes!

Last night my mom came over and brought these two huge bunnies for them for easter. They are SO soft and cuddly! They both had to sleep with them last night! Thanks Grandma for the wonderful huggable bunnies!