Saturday, March 24, 2007

Madalyn's 3rd Birthday Party

I get together with a group of mom's and their kids once a week to have a play date and get some "mom to mom" time in. We started this group several years ago when all of our first children were between the ages of 6 months and 14 months and at that time there were only 4 mom's (Lindsay, Allison, Sherri and I) that got together on a regular basis. We call ourselves "The Founding Mother's". Since then our group has gotten so big due to inviting more and more mom's to come and join us and also because we have all since then had our second children (and some are even working on their third!).
Today Sherri had Madalyn's 3rd Birthday at their house and invited "The Founding Mother's" families. It had been a long time since we had all been together with just the 4 families. It was great to be able to get together and let the kids play!
Happy Birthday Madalyn!

These are the first born children of our group from left to right: Caleb, Madalyn, Avery, and Zoe. It's funny because Caleb is the only boy in the whole group, even all of the second born children are girls! We are hoping that since Lindsay and Sherri are both expecting in August (two days apart!) that maybe one of them will have a boy...or maybe both! The kids were wearing aprons to help decorate miniature cakes.

Here is a picture of the three of us, Caleb not looking as usual! Dan has been in Harrison since Thursday morning working on the farm so he was unable to attend. Lindsay's husband Dallas always teases me because it seems that every time that we have a get together with them, Dan always has something to do and is unable to make it. Dallas calls him my "stage husband" because he is never around and thinks that he is just hired for show!

Here is Madalyn and Zoe having girl time in Madalyn's bed. I see slumber party's in the future...that Caleb probably not be able to go to of course!

Caleb in his apron!

Everyone was amazed at how good Ariel was at the party. She sat in her car seat and just looked around for nearly two hours and didn't make a peep...and she was awake the whole time!
Here is Caleb decorating his cake.