Tuesday, November 09, 2010


When I got married I was working at a small gift shop in Fayetteville called the Copper Pig.  I ended up registering there for my showers and for wedding gifts.  My favorite thing that I registered for was my canister set.  I actually received the set as a gift from my hostesses for my wedding shower.  The canister set is made of pottery by an artist by the name of Vicki Carroll and the pattern is called Sil Vous Plait.  Just the set alone cost over $150!  I have always wanted more pieces to go with the set but didn't want to spend $90 on a chip and dip platter. 

There is a local pottery painting shop here in Bentonville called "Crafty Cottage" and one night a few friends and I decided to go and paint some pottery.  I grabbed one of my canisters off my counter before I left so that I could at least try to get some inspiration and try to paint something to match.  I picked out a small tray that I could use for several different things and I also painted a small bowl so that I could use it as a dipping bowl.  The whole set cost me less than $20 to paint and I think it turned out so good!  I was very proud of myself. 

In the pictures you can see the canister behind the platter and bowl...pretty close huh?  I think I will be adding more to the collection soon!

Dead Ant

I was playing around with my camera last week and Ariel insisted that I take a picture of her being a "dead ant".  I just took it as an opportunity to take pictures of her sweet hands and feet!

Monday, November 08, 2010

Caleb's 1950's Program

Today marked 55 of days of this school year for Caleb.  The teachers from all the 1st grade classes spent the past several weeks working with the students in building their knowledge about the 1950's.  They learned everything from the styles that were worn to the type of music that they listened to.  They did this so the kids could put on a little program for the parents to enjoy!  So, sit back and click on the link below to take a look at my sweet boy singing Blue Suede Shoes!   Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Halloween weekend got off to a great start and then turned pukey towards the end!  Caleb dressed up as a Mighty Knight for school on Friday.  He had a Halloween party at school that day so I dressed Ariel up for the occasion as well! 

 Here she is...my little cowgirl!

 We were able to watch Caleb walk in his class parade.  This is him with his friend Kerrigan.  She was dressed as a queen, this was not planned, but they looked so cute together! 
 This is Caleb giving everyone high five during the parade.
 Ariel's belt...it says "cowgirl"!  SO CUTE!!

 Caleb's class had tons of food to eat.  Lots of treats for the kids and they also played fun games. 

 I think he needs to brush his teeth!
 After school, Malea's mom came and picked her up early and then I took my kids to the Gobblin Parade in Rogers.  We went and saw my mom at her work since she works in downtown Rogers and she gave them a few treats as well!
 Caleb and the cow from Chick-fil-A....Ariel was a little shy!

 That night we carved pumpkins together and the watched Scared Shrekless.  Good family times!

Poor Ariel woke up at 1am on Saturday morning sick.  She threw up at least 8 or 9 times.  She was in bed all day but was able to keep things down after 7:30 that morning.  I prayed so hard for no one else to get it and so far so good.  It did kinda put a damper on our weekend but honestly, we don't get into this holiday a whole lot anyway so it was nice to stay home on Halloween Eve and rest!  Hope you all had a great Halloween!

9th Anniversary

Dan and I celebrated our 9th Anniversary last Thursday.  He gave the most gorgeous ring!  We celebrated by going to Cooper Chapel with the kids and then going to Subway for dinner and then we watched our wedding DVD that my dad sent us as a gift together.  I know...it's not really romantic but I had a touch of the stomach flu earlier that week and didn't feel like doing much.  We had plans to go out on a date on Saturday night but Ariel came down with the same stomach flu early Saturday morning and we decided to just postpone it. 

Every time Dan and I celebrate another year of being together, I am amazed at how much I love him more and more.  I never thought I could love him more than I did on our wedding day.  God is good, so good!

Here is a picture of the ring he gave me!

My Personality Chart

Caleb sat down with me last week and he made a personality chart about me!  I told him I like to read books, take pictures, watch movies and play with my kids.  I just love how my hair looks like it is blowing in the wind while I am doing all of these! 

Boo Suckers

Last week for Caleb's class for his Halloween Party, we made Boo Suckers.  This was a great project to keep the kids occupied for about 45 minutes in the afternoon.  They were a hit at his party, too!

My Little Readers!

Expanding their minds!

God's Painted Sky!

I came home from taking Caleb to school one day last week and saw this!  AMAZING!

Tanyard on my 30th! (out of order!)

Ok so blogger has been stubborn again and I totally forgot to post this earlier so it's out of order.  At least it is getting posted though! 

For my 30th birthday (October 4th) I was able to spend the entire day with my kids and my parents.  It was so special!  We went to Mimi's and had brunch together and then went to Tanyard Creek and walked along the nature trail.  My dad has always enjoyed Northwest Arkansas and I so enjoyed showing him some of the places we like to hang out at!

 Then after we went to Tanyard Creek, we went to Cooper Chapel where Dan and I were married 9 years ago.  My dad hadn't been there since the wedding.  It was so beautiful there!