Thursday, March 19, 2009


My cousin Allison came in town with her mom this week for Spring Break from Dallas. Allison is a very talented dancer at her school and she was needing a few head shots for Senior Officer Tryouts so I took the camera and we went to the backyard and here are a few pics that I got of her.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Creativity Overload!

This morning I had a huge urge to just be creative. It started with these 4 canvases that I had leftover from previous projects and decided that I needed to use them. So, I thought that I would get the kids involved and let them paint them and then I would write their first and middle names on them and then hang them on the doors to their bedrooms. They did a terrific job painting them and it kept them occupied for over an hour. In the meantime, I was able to paint a canvas that I had just laying around.

A few weeks ago Pastor talked about the Armor of God in Ephesians and how important it was to pray daily to have the Armor upon our family. So, I took the canvas and painted the scripture on it and placed it by the front door to our house. The kids saw me painting it and asked what it was and I read it to them and told them how important this scripture was to our family. I hope that this reminds me to pray the Armor of God over my kids and myself everyday!And then of course I had the urge to take the kids easter pics...on a whim as usual! I hadn't planned on doing it but they were in such a good mood and the weather was perfect outside! You can see them below!

Easter Pics 2009

Monday, March 02, 2009

My Babies' Love

These are must have's when my kids go to bed at night! Meet Lambie and Bear...if you haven't already!

New Projects

I finshed another painting for my friend Leah last week....

and I did two bow hangers last week as for Ariel and one for The Walker's baby girl.

I am going to try to have these posted on my etsy site later on today. The bow hangers are $20.

Firestation Pictures

All the kids in the van!
With their fire hats!

Paying attention...

The Whole group...I will give names just for memories sake. From left to right...J.J, Zaiden, Ike, Sarah, Finley, Dineshi, Cody, Kaden, Abbie, Nate and Caleb

Caleb's friends!

Caleb's First Haircut

Pictures from Caleb's haircut. This is his first haircut at a salon and he did exceptional!