Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of Kindgergarten and Tornadoes!!

Yesterday marked the first day of public school for Caleb. I got up at 6:00, read my bible, got myself dressed and made Caleb's lunch all before I got the kids up. I got Caleb up first. He had cereal and homemade banana bread for breakfast. Then I got Ariel up and got her fed. While they were eating we read the bible together and I talked to Caleb about dropping him off at school and picking him up and what to expect for his first day. Then I got the kids dressed. We took a few pictures and then we were out the door!

Dan, Ariel and I walked Caleb in to his classroom right at 7:45. He put his backpack and lunch bag in his cubbie and went straight to his seat. We gave him kisses and hugs and then sent him on his way! No tears from any of us!

When I picked him up from school all he could talk about was a girl named Claire that he met and the apparently has the tallest slide that he has ever seen! And he said he wanted to go back that is a good thing!

Last night we were awaken by a tornado warning. It was at 3:45am. Dan had stayed up late working on a project for the city and didn't make it to bed until 3:00. So he was kinda out of it when I woke him up. I wasn't aware that we were under a tornado warning until I checked the weather on and then I kinda panicked and took everything out of the utility room and threw some blankets and pillows on the floor in there and got the flash light and cell phone. Dan helped me get the kids downstairs and I made a pallet in the floor for the kids to lay on. The sirens never went off but I was glad that I woke up and checked the weather! We stayed downstairs for about 20 minutes and then we all went back to bed. I slept with Ariel for a while until I was sure the worst of it was over. It was a little tough getting up this morning that is for sure!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

If you are interested...

I would be happy to help out my blogger readers with a small face lift for their blog site. Basically, I would create an image that would match one of the already pre-made blog sites such as:

...the backgrounds can be from other sites as well, I just don't know of that many!

I would charge $15 for one image. It could have up to three pictures on it and whatever colors and or designs you want. I will not be able to makeover the entire blogger site due to the fact that I am not savvy in html codes and such. All it will be is an image that you can put in your "header" spot on your blog instead of a picture. If this is something that you would be intersted in you can email me at or simply leave a comment below!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Kindergarten Open House

Today we had Caleb's open house at school. They recommended us not bringing other siblings so that the transtition could be a little easier on the kindergarteners, so Ariel went to a friends house today to play while we went to his open house. He will be starting on Wednesday and his teacher's name is Ms. Stamps. He kept asking questions to Dan and I while we were walking through the hallway on the way to his class today..."Are you going to stay with me? When will I leave? Will you be in the building?" I kept telling him "Today, Daddy and I would be staying in the building but on Wednesday you will be here in your classroom with your new friends and teachers, and mommy and daddy will be away for the day." I think after I said that he kinda understood that we were only going to be at school today for a very short period of time.

We took him to Ms. Stamps class. We found his name on the door entering into the classroom and then we went and found his "cubbie" for his backpack and nap pad. We dropped off all of his school supplies and then found his seat. There wasn't anyone else there that was at his table do to the fact that they set up open house on different time schedules so that it wouldn't be over crowded. So, I had to inform him that there would be other kids at his table but they wouldn't be there until Wednesday.

Dan and I had to go to the library there in the school for a parent orientation and he did good to stay in his class room and color while we were gone. Dan and I learned all about the morning drop off and pick up in the afternoon, lunch schedules and when nap times would be. After the orientation, Dan and I went and got Caleb from his classroom and we toured the school. He got to see the lunch room, the gym, the art, music and computer rooms and we also went upstairs to see the 3rd and 4th grade rooms. Oh, and his most favorite part of course was seeing the HUGE playground!

I think I feel a little better knowing the schedule now. I am going to try my best to not get emotional on Wednesday when I drop him off...but I won't make any promises!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I'm the mom to a kindergartener!

Ok, so I have to admit that up until three days ago I was TOTALLY ready and prepared for my boy to become a kindergartener. I, however, have been pretty emotional over the last few days and haven't been able to sleep very well. I figured since he was in pre-school last year three days a week that I would be completely ok with him starting school. I know for certain that he is ready and well prepared but I have been praying a lot because he is about to be entering a whole new chapter in life. He will not be under my wing all day long nor will he be in a Christian atmosphere anymore. There will be new challenges to face each day and new friends to make, and I guess the question I keep asking myself is, have Dan and I prepared him enough to take on the world? I have total confidence in him but still it's a lot to think about. I am excited at the same time for him to have new experiences in life. It's because of those experiences that he will truly understand all that we have taught him and he will be able to use the tools that we have given.

So, to my sweet son...May you know that God will always be near you to help you make decisions in life. Even though we may get scared from time to time and don't always know the answers to what life has in store for you, you should also know that mommy and daddy will always be there for you and that God will always protect you. Keep your head high and focus on what the bible says and you will be a mighty warrior in this world! Remember, "Be strong and brave because God is with you!" Joshua 1:9

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Just a few more paintings that I have done...if you are interested in prices go here!

Friday, August 07, 2009

Waiting on Caleb to get up...

He has started sleeping in a lot later than he used to. Probably because he doesn't take naps anymore. It's nice but I am afraid that it will be hard on him when I have to get him up in the mornings for school. Today I am going to the gym and then coming home and working on some paintings. There is always something new to do. Speaking of new...I have a new website that is still lacking a few things but it will have my photography, paintings, invitations and announcements on it. It's not bad considering I didn't pay anyone to make it and I used an inexpensive website builder.

On another note, my friend of 20 years, Patricia had her baby a week ago. He is so precious! Patricia and her husband Brian are abroad in Prague and will be back in the states this fall and I can't wait to maybe have the opportunity to see this sweet little bundle!!

Last night our church provided a dinner for the women of our church in honor of Kathy Ferguson who is our Women's Ministry Leader. Kathy lost her husband several years back in a car accident and has since then met Ed Litton who is a pastor in Alabama and they will be getting married at the end of the month. Kathy will be moving to Mobile and we are all sad that she is leaving BUT I know that God is moving in her life and I am so happy for her! The dinner was really good, it was catered by Cuisines and the company was great too.

It is nearly 8:30 and Caleb is still sleeping...need to get that boy up and get to the gym!

Thursday, August 06, 2009

No new pictures...

Can you believe it?? I dont' have any new pictures to post. We have been so busy with things here that I haven't even taken a picture in over a week! I started back to the gym AGAIN this week only now I am not getting up at 5:00 am to go. I decided the only way to stay consistent is to actually go at an hour during the day when I will be awake and alert! I have been taking Caleb and Ariel with me at 8:30 in the morning and they seem to like it there. I was never a fan of their childcare but they have gotten better since I used them last. They actually remembered my kid's names from the last time I was there! Once Caleb starts school Ariel will be in there on her own so I hope she continues to do well since she, at times, has a hard time with me or Dan leaving her in childcare at church.

What are the kids doing??

She is starting really talk all the time! She says some of the silliest things! For instance, when I ask her do some thing, like go potty or pick up a toy she will look at me and say "Oh Pook-ay!" and then go do what I asked. Not sure where she got that...probably from big brother! She is eating really well. She loves, cottage cheese and grapes, although she tends to want to snack on cookies all day...she gets that from me :)! She has not been able to keep dry pants consistently for over a month now so we set a timer when we are at home to go off every 50 minutes and that seems to do the trick. I guess she just forgets to go! She is showing interest in dancing and twirls like a little ballerina all over the house. We will probably get her in dance next fall if she is still interesed. She loves to play dress-up now and playing "mama" with her babies. She is a girl thru and thru!

He is starting kindergarten in 13 days!!! Yes, I am old enough to be a mom to a kindergartener...CRAZY!!! He is so excited to go! Last night after church we drove by his school (Central Park Elementary) so that I could take a look at a list they had posted to see who his teacher is. Her name is Miss Stamps. Don't know anything about her but open house is on the 17th and Dan and I will take Caleb to meet his teachers and drop off his school supplies. His new favorite movie is Shark Boy and Lava Girl. It's a movie that comes on Disney every once and a while and he imitates them and builds "lava walls" all the time to keep his sister away from him. I got him a little devotional bible last week called "God's Mighty Warrior" and he reminds me every morning that we have to do our devotion. He loves Jesus and that is VERY evident in his daily living! He not only will be starting school this fall but he will be moving upstairs at church to grades K-5 and he is SO excited to get out of the preschool area. The program that they have up there is called Kid Konnect and is a high energy, praising God, program! And Caleb will be starting soccer this fall as well. We don't know when his first game will be but Dan is planning on coaching his team. I am sure there will be pictures to post once the season gets kicked off.

Ok I am off to clean my house!