Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Goodness How They Grow!

Came across these...just thought I would share!

Little Girl Painting

Snow Day 1.11.11

The kids were out of school for a snow day on Tuesday.  We were able to play in the snow with the neighbor kids across the street, we had such a great time!  That afternoon we had all the kids and the moms over for hot chocolate, popcorn and a movie.  What a great snow day we had!

China Cabinet

When Dan and I got married we received 12 place settings of china from his mom and also 12 place settings of crystal from his grandmother.  I have always wanted a china cabinet to store all my beautiful pieces in but never had the extra funds to buy one.  We accumulated one from our last tenants that rented from us this summer but it didn't have shelves to go in it.  I priced the glass shelves and it wasn't going to be cheap to get them so I just put it on the back burner.  I had given the measurements to my mom and she said she would do some calling around for me to see if she could get a better price.  Well the little stinker bought me some shelves for Christmas!  I was SO excited!  So, I have finally got all my China in my cabinet and a few of my crystal pieces since Dan's grandmother still has the rest of the crystal at her house.  I just love it!! 

10 Years Since He Proposed!

On January 6th, Dan and I marked 10 years since he proposed!  What a special day that was!  Here is how he proposed!

He and I had taken a trip to Colorado to see my mom and my dad in 2001.  They were both living out there at the time and I wanted to see them during Christmas so we left a few days after New Years.  Dan was about to leave to study abroad in England with the Landscape Architecture program at the U of A for 4 months.  At that time we had been together for two years and I had told him that I wasn't sure how I would make it through the 4 months knowing that he wasn't fully committed to me.  We talked long and hard about getting engaged but he assured me that there was no way he was going to be able to propose before England.  I was crushed and didn't know what to think but just decided to let time pass and see what happened.  Little did I know that he had already had the ring bought and sitting in his parent's safe at their house months before he was even proposing! 

So, we get to Colorado and he keeps telling me not to touch this little red gift bag that he had packed in the truck.  I just thought that it was just a Christmas present that he hadn't given me yet and was going to wait until we got to my mom's to open it.  We went to my dad's house first for a few days.  I remember that we had gone to a Christian Bookstore and my dad wanted to get me a new Message Bible so he sent me in to get it.  Right at that moment is when Dan asked my Dad for my hand in marriage!  A few days later, we went to my mom's house.  Dan and I planned one evening to go ice skating and before hand he asked my mom to come into the bedroom to show her the gift that he had gotten me.  He showed her what was in the red gift bag and it was a bible that he got for me that had "Katie Cole" written on the front (my new name!!).  And then he showed her the ring and asked for her blessing.  My mom came out of the bedroom wiping away tears.  At this point I still had no clue what was going on.  I really did just think that it was just a Christmas gift. 

Dan and I get in the truck and head to Keystone which is about 15 minutes away.  He wasn't acting weird or anything but he did want to make sure he had the camera and he wanted to make sure he had a stocking hat to keep his head warm.  That kinda struck me as odd because he had never worn one before but I went with it.  He really didn't want the stocking hat to wear he wanted it in his pocket so while we were skating I wouldn't feel the ring box in his pocket!  So we skated for a while.  I have to be honest, I really dislike ice skating.  I hate being cold and the skates are always so uncomfortable and I can't ever stay vertical in skates.  Needless to say, I sat down on a bench in the middle of the lake quite a few times.  He asked me to skate with him to the hockey area so I get up and start skating with him.  Then, he just takes off and leaves me in the middle of the lake.  Then I see him turn around and come skating back to me.  As he gets closer, he slides down on one knee and kneels before me.  He reaches in his pocket and pulls the stocking hat out and when he does, the ring falls to the ice.  My hands automatically got up to my face and he asked me to marry him.  I say "No Way!!"  I kept saying "No, No, No" as in I can't believe this happening, but Dan kept looking at me thinking that I was actually saying "No" to the question!  I snapped out of it and finally said "Yes" and then I dropped to my knees on the ice and we just hugged as I cried!  After that, we skated around the lake a little while longer and all I could do was stare at my beautiful ring.  We had the picture taken above at the fire ring on the ice by a guy who had just recently proposed to his girlfriend as well.  It was truly a magical moment for me!  He did good!

Christmas Boogie

Christmas 2010

For Christmas we made sure we kept it as laid back as possible.  That morning the kids got us up around 7:00 and we all came downstairs to see what Santa had brought.  I found this HUGE cardboard castle sitting the middle of my living room and the kids just loved it...Thanks Santa!  Caleb got a marbel race and Ariel got some Beauty and the Beast goodies.  We waited to open the rest of our presents until my mom was able to come over.  She and I had prepared a Breakfast Casserol the night before and she also made a hashbrown casserol as well.  I was in charge of  doing the cinnamon rolls.  Once she got here, we put all the food in the oven and then opened all our gifts.  My mom's best friend Jim (who is like a second dad to me) came over to join in on the fun and the food! 

The kids enjoying their new Santa gifts.

The castle that send brought!  It came with markers so the kids can draw on it!

Caleb and his marble race!

My mom got Dan some new tools to work in the garden!  She even wrapped them to perfection!

All of us on Christmas Morning!

Opening gifts!

Here are some videos of the kids on that morning!

After breakfast, we all got ready to go to Harrison to spend the day with Dan's side of the family.  Once we got there, Rita prepared a great spread of more food and we all ate and visited together.  Rita offered to keep the kids for Dan and I for two nights so Dan and I left that night and went to Branson and stayed the night.  The next morning we had breakfast in bed and then spent the whole day shopping at the outlet mall and the Landing.  We had a great time together! 

I couldn't have asked for a more special Christmas.  I just love my family so much!

Thursday, January 06, 2011

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we all went to Christmas Eve Service together.  It was great to all light a candle and sing Christmas Carols as a family. 

 Afterward the kids were able open up their Christmas Eve presents...aka, their pj's! 

 Then we baked Double Tree Chocolate Chip Cookies for Jesus (and santa) and my mom came over and we ate a few cookies and truffles and had hot chocolate!

 Before bed, we read The Christmas Story and talked about why we celebrate Christmas.  We then sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.  Love this time of year!

Christmas Eve With Friends

Our neighbor's Maddy and Austin came over to play on Christmas Eve.  The girls played dress up in Ariel's room while the boys helped Dan in the garage.  It's great having such wonderful neighbor's across the street from us!

Ice Skating!

We went Ice Skating together as a family at the Bentonville Square and we had such a good time.  I hadn't been on the ice since Dan proposed to me back in 2001.  I didn't know how I was going to keep a kid up and also myself up since I am such a horrible skater, but Caleb REALLY surprised me.  He just took off and was able to skate on his own like a champ!  I was so proud of him!  Take a look at the video below.  It was so crowded there that I had a hard time keeping up with them!