Monday, January 03, 2011

Whipped Cream Pies and a Turkey Pinata

Ok, I have to be honest...I vaguely remember Thanksgiving but I am so over-due with updating my blog that I needed to start somewhere.  So, here goes!

We went to Dan's Parents the weekend before Thanksgiving since we were in Texas the day of to visit my side of the family.  The day we went to visit was also Dan's sister's birthday and instead of the "traditional" Thanksgiving festivities that "normal" families do, Amy (Dan's sister) wanted to do something fun to celebrate turning 35!

I dressed the kids in some old grubby clothes like I was told.  In the meantime, there were 5 or so whipped cream pies that were being made, water balloons being filled up and a "turkey" pinata that was being hung  in the tree!  Just look below to see what else us crazy Cole's did!

This was Ariel "helping" with the whipped cream pies!

Getting things ready to go on the front porch...they lined everything up just so!

 This is Granny explaining to Ariel what was about to happen.  She said "You will get dirty, sticky and messy, and that's ok!!"  It didn't phase Ariel a bit!
 Here are the men hanging the "turkey" pinata in the tree!  It was a black trash bag filled with leaves with sticks in it to represent the feet!
 Carefully giving Ariel the whipped cream pie!
 Let the action begin!

 The birthday girl having a blast!

Dan getting creamed by both kids!

Water guns to get the sticky off!

Water guns weren't working so the hose was brought out!

Time for the turkey to come down!

Ariel got the first swing!

Caleb was up to bat!
 Here's the whole group...I did not participate because I was the photographer! ;)  Good thinking huh?