Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Things That Make Christmas Special

Here are a few pictures of my Christmas Decorations that I had set up for Christmas.  I honestly didn't go all out this year.  I wanted to think more about why we celebrate Christmas rather than all the fuss on getting the whole house decorated.  I realized that even if all the decorations were taken away, Christmas would still happen.  The only thing that I need is Christ living in me and to praise him on the day of his birth.  It's not about the spools of Christmas netting that goes into your tree or all the ornaments hot glued on to your wreath.  It's about a personal relationship with the Savior and realizing that the reason He was born was for us to be saved from an eternity surrounded by evil.  I thank God that He sent His son to be born on this day and I am so thankful that he gave me my children so I can see that He loves me that much more than I love my own children.  He just amazes me!  Thank you God for keeping me centered on you this holiday season!

 My Little Reindeer!