Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Pedal Cars and Studio Fun

I had a very sweet friend of mine donate these awesome pedal cars to Katie Cole Photography. What a blessing!!

The kids allowed me to take photos of them today to try out my new drops. Thankful they are so tolerant with me!

Monday, July 30, 2012

New Drops and Garden Planting

This morning Debbie left back to Dallas and I took care of some work. I got my new backdrops in the mail today. Can't wait to do some photos on them!

It's still super hot here and extremely dry. Praying we get some relief from this drought soon.

Ariel helped Dan plant some beans and corn in our garden. I am amazed that we have been able to keep crops going since it's been so dry.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fried Okra and Puppet Show

I made fried okra from our garden today. It was delish and the kids even tried a piece or two!

And the kids put on a puppet show for us this evening! Love their imaginations!

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Straight Hair and Sailing

Last night Caleb went with Dan and our friend Seth on their sailboat to stay over night. Caleb said he had a great time spending some time with his daddy. Photos to come soon!!

Today we went to lunch and then did a little shopping just us girls. I straightened Ariel's hair today and she was amazed at how long it was getting!

We had more movie time this afternoon watching "We Bought a Zoo" and I snuggled with both kids. Ariel in my lap here.

And Caleb holding my hand here.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Lazy Day

Debbie and I decided to have a lazy movie day. I got up and cooked a mid morning breakfast with the kids. Caleb helped with the eggs and Ariel helped with the blueberry waffles.

We rented a few movies from redbox and even took a nap! It was awesome to just relax today! Ariel was able to enjoy some time with Debbie's dog Lilly.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

KREW camp day four and canvas painong

Ariel had her last day of KREW camp today and had her lock-in tonight.

Today there was rain in the forecast for the first time in 6 weeks. We are currently in the worst drought in 50 years. We are so thankful for every drop we get!

While we were waiting on the rain, the kids and I did some canvas paintings for our upstairs bathroom. I drew the layout and then they painted them. They turned out so good! I love my little artists!

We waited for the rain all afternoon and it started pouring as soon as we needed to leave for Ariel's KREW lock-in. God's timing is always perfect! :)

Ariel playing ships and sails

Lots of KREW girls!

Ariel waiting to meet her big sis.

Ariel and her big sis, Jenna.

She loved spending time with her big sis.

Debbie also came into town this evening. We stayed up late visiting. Looking forward to a few relaxing days with her here.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

KREW day three and pool time

After KREW went to the pool for a few hours. It was great having partly cloudy skies and made things quite pleasant while swimming.

Ariel's friend Machon was at the pool and the girls were able to spend some time together.

The kids made up a game to play on the trampoline by putting ice on it and then bouncing it around. They had a great time!

YouTube Video

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleaning day and Colored Hair

Today was KREW camp day two. While Ariel was at camp, Caleb and I walked across the street and got "coffee" together at the Pressroom. We were going to shop around the square a bit but I ended up spilling coffee all over my white and gray shirt so we headed back to the dance studio so I could get a recital shirt to wear. Maybe we will try to shop a bit tomorrow!

After dance, I came home and cleaned a bit more. The kids helped me clean windows and Ariel helped with the floors.

We the went to a play date at The Marley's house and played with Kate and I visited with Jill while Jett slept. We will be carpooling with them next year to Mary Mae since they live a minute and 10 seconds away (Caleb timed us!).

This evening we went to Amy Holland's house and she had Mandy Bean's sister in law there doing colored hair extensions. Ariel got two purple, and I got three light pink. They are semi-permanent and should last a few months unless I melt them out.

And the boys played wii while the girls were doing hair.

This evening after bath time. Dan let Ariel walk on the ceiling. One of her favorite things to do. It won't be long until she will be too big to do this!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pop Up Art

My young artist was at work again and created these amazing pop-up art pieces!

This is of a car driving at night.

This is of Caleb and Ariel at the pool together.

This is a Christmas scene with Santa, milk and cookies, a train set, and a Christmas tree.

And these are star wars space ships. I absolutely love his creativity!
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KREW camp day one

Today was Ariel's first day of KREW dance camp at KDA. She was excited to see all of her friends that she hadn't seen since recital back in June.

After camp, we had lunch and then went to the associate store and bought a few home accessories. I bought a rug to go under the dining room table and it prompted a whole deep clean and furniture rearrangement downstairs. Love the new look!

This evening we had to have emergency surgery on bear. Ariel was a bit sad but her sweet lovey is all healed and is resting in her bed, safe and sound!

Ariel's questionnaire from dance camp.