Thursday, July 26, 2012

KREW camp day four and canvas painong

Ariel had her last day of KREW camp today and had her lock-in tonight.

Today there was rain in the forecast for the first time in 6 weeks. We are currently in the worst drought in 50 years. We are so thankful for every drop we get!

While we were waiting on the rain, the kids and I did some canvas paintings for our upstairs bathroom. I drew the layout and then they painted them. They turned out so good! I love my little artists!

We waited for the rain all afternoon and it started pouring as soon as we needed to leave for Ariel's KREW lock-in. God's timing is always perfect! :)

Ariel playing ships and sails

Lots of KREW girls!

Ariel waiting to meet her big sis.

Ariel and her big sis, Jenna.

She loved spending time with her big sis.

Debbie also came into town this evening. We stayed up late visiting. Looking forward to a few relaxing days with her here.