Monday, January 25, 2010

Snow Days!

The first week of my fast, Caleb was out of school for 5 days because of the snow. We watched movies galore and took many advantages of playing outside in the snow. Here are a few pictures of my little snow munchkins!

I'm Back!!

The 21 day journey is over and it was such an amazing journey! I learned so much about myself and what God is doing in me and through me. I had a few breakthroughs and realize now where I was failing. I plan to continue to seek God through all things and continue to grow in him daily!

Friday, January 01, 2010

21 Day Journey

Our church is participating in a corporate 21 Day prayer and fast journey starting at sundown on Sunday. I have been called to stay off of my computer for 21 days...I won't even be turning it on...that means no internet! I believe that God has chosen this for me because I simply waste too much time on here and need to focus more on His word and direction. I am excited to join this journey but I know that it will be a challenge since I do SO many things on the computer...I even have my daily planner on here!
Prayer and Fasting is God's gateway to spiritual breakthroughs. I am choosing to seek Him first in all I do this year and what a great way to see his floodgates open and reveal Himself to me even more than ever before! Can't wait!
SO...that being said...If you need to get in touch with me you need to call me!! That will be the ONLY way for me to keep in touch with you. My cell is 479-366-2651 if any of you need it!
I will post back in 3 weeks!

Like Mother, Like Daughter

I am teaching her well!!

"Tecr Bell and the Bad Gise"

That's translated "Tinker Bell and the Bad Guys"...

It is Friday...NEW YEARS DAY!!! YAY!! Welcome 2010!

The kids and I have been in the house since Monday...I mean literally we haven't left the house at all. It has been so nice to just hang out and do nothing!

All week the kids have played SOOO well together! Yesterday they played "Tinker Bell and Super Heroes" and Caleb apparently mapped out a way for Ariel (Tinker Bell) to kill the bad guys that were coming. They are so creative in their play now which is great because the TV is hardly on anymore!! I am sure Ariel will get really bored next week when Caleb is back in school.

Happy New Year to all of my wonderful Blog followers!!

Christmas in Harrison

On Saturday, the day after Christmas, Dan, the kids and I went to Harrison to have Christmas with Dan's family. Dan's Grandmother, Amy, Clint and his parents had us for an afternoon dinner. Dan's mom prepared cornish game hens, fried rice, garlic bread and red velvet cupcakes and fudge. Amy prepared a not spinach dip that was fabulous! We all had dinner and dessert and then had some Christmas punch afterwards!

She loved the Christmas punch!
And we of course all opened presents...AGAIN!

Ariel's most favorite gift from Granny and Grandad was a treasure chest full of dress up clothes for Ariel. She absolutely loved the gift! She even wore one of her princess dresses yesterday while taking a nap!
Caleb got several items that he loved but his favorite was the Color Explosion glowing board....he loves it. I even caught him coloring in the dark the other night and he thought that was the coolest thing!!
Thank you Granny for a great completion to our Christmas! She and Grandad kept the kids for two nights so that Dan and I could have some down time. They are such a blessing!