Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas in Harrison

On Saturday, the day after Christmas, Dan, the kids and I went to Harrison to have Christmas with Dan's family. Dan's Grandmother, Amy, Clint and his parents had us for an afternoon dinner. Dan's mom prepared cornish game hens, fried rice, garlic bread and red velvet cupcakes and fudge. Amy prepared a not spinach dip that was fabulous! We all had dinner and dessert and then had some Christmas punch afterwards!

She loved the Christmas punch!
And we of course all opened presents...AGAIN!

Ariel's most favorite gift from Granny and Grandad was a treasure chest full of dress up clothes for Ariel. She absolutely loved the gift! She even wore one of her princess dresses yesterday while taking a nap!
Caleb got several items that he loved but his favorite was the Color Explosion glowing board....he loves it. I even caught him coloring in the dark the other night and he thought that was the coolest thing!!
Thank you Granny for a great completion to our Christmas! She and Grandad kept the kids for two nights so that Dan and I could have some down time. They are such a blessing!