Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve my mom came over and stayed the night with us. Since we were getting snow that I night, she and I didn't want her driving in it on Christmas morning.

We let the kids open their traditional Christmas Eve PJ's...
Read the Christmas Story and The Night Before Christmas...

and set out Christmas cookies and milk for Santa.

The next morning Caleb came and snuggled with Dan and I in bed while Ariel snuggled with my mom in Ariel's room. Caleb finally couldn't stand it any longer and had to get up and look outside. We had about 3 0r so inches of snow on the ground! What a wonderful Christmas gift!!

They were waiting so patiently to go downstairs...

He discovered that Santa ate all of the cookies and drank all of the milk!

Santa brought Caleb a few dress up outfits, a dry erase board and a Shrek Operation game. Ariel got a new Barbie bike and a Princess Helmet. Caleb said that Santa brought just what he wanted! Santa is SO good!!

Caleb played with this dry erase board for atleast 7 hours on Christmas Day. I am not kidding, the boy loved it! The board in this picture says...HOHOHO Mary Christms!
Ariel really wanted REAL tap shoes and a new tutu for Christmas and that is just what she got!
Daddy putting on her tap sweet!
This is the perfect attire to use her new vacuum...tap shoes and a new tutu!

Dan got what he wanted!!

and so did I! (excuse the bed head!)

The girls (My mom, Ariel and I) took a nap while Caleb and Dan stayed up and played Caleb's new Wii game. After the naps and game time, it was time to go play in the snow! I had to get dinner on to cook so I wasn't able to go outside with them like I would have wanted but I did manage to get a few pictures from Caleb's window upstairs! It was bitterly cold out there and the kids didn't last very long!
I cooked a Honey Spiral Cut Ham, my mom helped me with some homemade au gratin potatoes, green beans and cresent rolls. For dessert I had planned on making a red velvet cake in celebration of Jesus' birthday but my mom brought a pecan cobbler so we put some candles in it and sang Happy Birthday to our Savior!
Thank You Jesus for my family and all the blessing you have given me. We had a wonderful day to remember the most important day in the year!


Traci Fritz said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! I'm not sure Ava will ever be tall enough for a real bike...maybe when she's 10. :)