Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Pictures and Santa!

Today we went to see Santa. The kids were so excited. Caleb of course walked right up to him and sat in his lap with no hesitation but Ariel was a little more timid. I had to walk her up to him and place her in his lap and then she was fine. Santa gave them each a sucker and a coloring book and I got 10% off of Gymboree and some chocolate...score for me!! Although I won't be using the 10% off of Gymboree so if you want it you can let me know!

Before we went to see Santa I got a few shots of the kids. Caleb has his fake smile going on but that's alright I mean, it was 40 degrees out, I can't expect too much out of him considering he didn't even have a coat on!


Ashley said...

They are just so adorable Katie! ;)