Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here's another one that I finished today. It's for my cousin who will be turning 17 in about 2 and a half weeks. She is a dancer and this is her favorite quote.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Caleb's 4th Birthday Party

I cannot believe that he is 4! We had a play date/birthday party for him at Park Springs Park on Wednesday. He had all of his friends there minus 2 or 3. He had such a blast playing in the sand and giggling with his friends!

We made cupcakes on Tuesday together. It was way more fun than buying them because he got to help me make them. I did all the frosting and decorating while the kids were napping so he didn't get to help with that but he was able to stir the batter and put ingredients into the bowls. He is a big help (and so is Ariel!).

Here are the cupcakes all set up to eat! YUM!!

The Party Favors for all of the kids.

The birthday boy waiting on his friends to arrive!

Brother and Sister playing in the side walk chalk!

Playin in the sand

Blowing out the candle

He loves chocolate!

Opening presents!

Thanks to all that came to the party. He really enjoys being around all of his friends!

Father's Day weekend

We had a great Father's Day weekend. Dan's mom and I payed for Dan to take Sunday off of his paper route (Thanks Casey!!) so that he could go to Harrison for the weekend with us and sleep in on Sunday.

On Saturday we went to Harrison to see Dan's parents. We got there around noon and had some lunch and then we got the canoes together to go floating on the Buffalo. We decided to float an area which we had never been too before, Carver to Mt. Hershey. Mt. Hershey was a sight...let me tell ya. We had to travel on a dirt road for 8 miles to get to the river and on the way we passed two park rangers who had two guys in handcuffs that were WAY intoxicated...they even ran their truck into the tree that they were standing by. NICE!! We ended up having a great float once we got on the river. I was in a canoe with Dan, and Dan's sister, Amy, and their Dad, Lynn were in the other canoe. Dan's mom stayed behind with the kids.

That night we went back to Dan's parents and had dinner and then went to bed...well everyone but me. We had the kids in the same room so every little sound that they made, I made a mad dash in their room from ours so they wouldn't wake each other up. Not too mention, since we were sleeping upstairs it was a bit warm so we had the ceiling fan going in our room and the globe on the fan kept clanging....DROVE ME NUTS!!! I ended up sleeping on the floor in the kids room at 3:00...yes that is when I fell asleep! And THEN Ariel got up at 6:15 ready to play and of course Caleb had to get up too! Thankfully Dan's mom took over around 7:00 and Dan and I were able to sleep until 9:00...his sleep was uninterrupted because he was in the other room mind you!

We went to Olvy Bible Church on Sunday morning (about 50 total in attendance). It is a church that Amy has been attending for a while. I really enjoy going to the small home town churches every once and a while, but I don't think that I could every Sunday now that I am so used to going to such a big church.

After Church we went to Amy's house to eat lunch. We had ice cream cake afterward that had a fish on it for Caleb's birthday...he loved it! Then Dan and I took the kids back to his parents house. Ariel refused to take a nap but I laid down beside her and she finally dozed off and so did I! Caleb, Dan, Ariel and I all slept for about 2 and a half hours! It was a great lazy afternoon. We went home that evening and got in around 11:00. It was great being around the family this past weekend!
Eatin' Watermelon at the River.

Amy and Ariel

Ariel eatin' watermelon!

Sweet Picture of Ariel and Dan

Dan and I on the canoe

Amy and Lynn on their canoe

View of the river (the water was kinda merky...I didn't swim!)

Nothing like catching fireflies in your jammies after a bath! Granny got him a bug catcher for his birthday, it has a latch to it that keeps the bugs inside thankfully. He wanted to sleep with the fireflies next to his bed that night!

Family picture before church

Aunt Amy and her niece and nephew!

The kids giving the chickens LOTS of food!

Ariel and Grandad in the chicken coop looking at the chickens!

Birthday boy and his ice cream cake!

Pixie Cut

I got a new haircut today. It is a SHORT pixie cut...and SO easy to fix. It will take a bit to get used to but I think I like it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

4 Years Ago Today... sweet boy was born! Here is a look to the past!

The day Caleb was born...June 18th, 2004
Look how tiny his hand is wrapped around Dan's pinky!

Caleb's 1st Birthday!

Caleb's 2nd Birthday

Caleb's 3rd Birthday!

Caleb's 4th Birthday!

More Pics of his party today to come....

Friday, June 13, 2008

New Deck and Fence...And the kids playing in the splash pool

Enjoying their popcicles!

Dan has stained the concrete portion of the deck now so once it is all cleaned up, I will post more pictures. We love our new is so nice that we can't see anything but trees behind our house, and there is a creek that run through there as well!