Friday, June 20, 2008

Caleb's 4th Birthday Party

I cannot believe that he is 4! We had a play date/birthday party for him at Park Springs Park on Wednesday. He had all of his friends there minus 2 or 3. He had such a blast playing in the sand and giggling with his friends!

We made cupcakes on Tuesday together. It was way more fun than buying them because he got to help me make them. I did all the frosting and decorating while the kids were napping so he didn't get to help with that but he was able to stir the batter and put ingredients into the bowls. He is a big help (and so is Ariel!).

Here are the cupcakes all set up to eat! YUM!!

The Party Favors for all of the kids.

The birthday boy waiting on his friends to arrive!

Brother and Sister playing in the side walk chalk!

Playin in the sand

Blowing out the candle

He loves chocolate!

Opening presents!

Thanks to all that came to the party. He really enjoys being around all of his friends!


Renae Burt said...

cute cute cute.