Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleaning day and Colored Hair

Today was KREW camp day two. While Ariel was at camp, Caleb and I walked across the street and got "coffee" together at the Pressroom. We were going to shop around the square a bit but I ended up spilling coffee all over my white and gray shirt so we headed back to the dance studio so I could get a recital shirt to wear. Maybe we will try to shop a bit tomorrow!

After dance, I came home and cleaned a bit more. The kids helped me clean windows and Ariel helped with the floors.

We the went to a play date at The Marley's house and played with Kate and I visited with Jill while Jett slept. We will be carpooling with them next year to Mary Mae since they live a minute and 10 seconds away (Caleb timed us!).

This evening we went to Amy Holland's house and she had Mandy Bean's sister in law there doing colored hair extensions. Ariel got two purple, and I got three light pink. They are semi-permanent and should last a few months unless I melt them out.

And the boys played wii while the girls were doing hair.

This evening after bath time. Dan let Ariel walk on the ceiling. One of her favorite things to do. It won't be long until she will be too big to do this!