Monday, March 02, 2009

My Babies' Love

These are must have's when my kids go to bed at night! Meet Lambie and Bear...if you haven't already!


Mandy said...

Funny timing...Ainsley's "Lambie" (who you know she named after Caleb's Lambie) has been lost for about 6 months, but I found it tonight! It was in her nightstand drawer and she was SO excited! Went right to sleep too! :)

Ashley said...

So sweet!!!!

Lauren Lashlee said...

Hey Katie!! I haven't updated my blog in a while because of how crazy things have been. You are welcome to stalk it!! HAHA... I will stock yours from time to time as well.. : ) I will say that I had a lamb that I could not sleep without when I was little.. His name was Limbie though.. weird I know- not sure how that came about. Just thought that was cute! Hope you are doing good.. missing my church friends.