Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tanyard on my 30th! (out of order!)

Ok so blogger has been stubborn again and I totally forgot to post this earlier so it's out of order.  At least it is getting posted though! 

For my 30th birthday (October 4th) I was able to spend the entire day with my kids and my parents.  It was so special!  We went to Mimi's and had brunch together and then went to Tanyard Creek and walked along the nature trail.  My dad has always enjoyed Northwest Arkansas and I so enjoyed showing him some of the places we like to hang out at!

 Then after we went to Tanyard Creek, we went to Cooper Chapel where Dan and I were married 9 years ago.  My dad hadn't been there since the wedding.  It was so beautiful there!


DianeL said...

Wonderful pictures; I love the curves of the arches...
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