Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ariel's 4th Birthday Party

On October 2nd, we had Ariel's 4th Birthday Party at Phillip's Park in Bentonville.  She talked about having a bike party for months so that is exactly what we did!  It was SO windy that day and the temperature dropped about 10 degrees during the festivities but she didn't seem to care.  She still had a blast and she had all of her friends around her. 

Her sweet friend Mary!  She celebrated her 4th birthday 3 days before Ariel!
My dad came all the way from Colorado to celebrate my 30th birthday and Ariel's 4th!  It was so special to have him here with us, the best present I could have asked for!  This is a picture of my dad, mom and me!
My daddy and I!

Pretending to blow out the candle.  It was too windy to actually light it!
The whole crew! 

Bike time!

The cutest kids ever!
Since it was so windy at the park, we decided to open presents at home so that we wouldn't have to chase paper all over the park!  She received so many wonderful gifts!  Thank you to all that came.  We so appreciate you!